New Video from Rocker Chuck Prophet: ‘Temple Beautiful’ Tour of San Francisco

Chuck and Willie at AT&T Park

Rock musician Chuck Prophet has released a new video, Part I of his musical tour of San Francisco.

The video features scenes of Chuck playing cuts from his new Temple Beautiful album and chatting about songs inspired by various iconic settings in the City by the Bay.

“When it comes to heroes, forget about it. Willie Mays, the Say Hey Kid,” he says, standing in front of the slugger’s statue at AT&T Park (for the song “Willie Mays Is Up at Bat”).

“If ever Cain and Abel went into business together, it would probably be something like the O’Farrell Theater,” in front of the Mitchell Brothers’ porn paradise (for “The Left Hand and the Right Hand”). Other locations include the Geary Street site of both Jim Jones’ People’s Temple and former Punk club The Temple (“Temple Beautiful”), Harvey Milk Plaza at Castro and Market (“White Night, Big City”), and various downtown corners (“Who Shot John”).

Chuck at the O’Farrell Theater

I shot much of the footage, along with Richard Gunderman and first-time director-producer Darrell Flowers, usually using two Canon 5D Mark II cameras for interviews and musical performance.

Rookie director Flowers, an old pal and a seasoned professional lighting director and gaffer, plans to release Part 2 of the Temple Beautiful tour in the near future.

Temple Beautiful Part I on YouTube

Chuck’s new Temple Beautiful album on iTunes

Darrell Flowers

Cody Flowers

Luke Shock

Post Production Supervisor
Chris Valente

Bill Zarchy
Richard Gunderman
Darrell Flowers

Additional Footage
Thaddeus Homan

Location Sound
Conrad B. Slater
David Lezynski

Sound Mixing
Marc Pittman

Jimmy Stuart
Jani Vournas

Make Up
Laura Tesone
Nancy Marsalis

Editing & Finishing Courtesy of
Remedy Editoral, LLC, San Francisco

2 thoughts on “New Video from Rocker Chuck Prophet: ‘Temple Beautiful’ Tour of San Francisco”

  1. I enjoyed this excellent video as a transplant from the city of L.A., or what I affectionately call “Los Angles,” in So. Cal, to this strangely appealing city, people in L.A. call “Frisco,” San Francisco in Nor. Cal. I particularly enjoyed the musical message from the perspective of meeting many of you who produced, directed, filmed, gripped, lighted, edited, played the music, etc., who I have had the pleasure of working with in one way or another in our local film production industry over my twenty-five plus years, as a proud to be here San Francisco bay area resident. CONGRATULATIONS!

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