In this memoir, I tell true stories from my long career as a director of photography, working on film and digital cinema shoots across the U.S. and all around the world — Japan, India, China, Uganda, the Philippines, New Zealand, France, Singapore, England, Taiwan, Mexico, and Brazil.

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For many years, I was a member of the writer’s group Townsend 11 in San Francisco. We published three e-books of our stories, all available from e-book retailers:

No Fixed Destination: Eleven Stories of Life, Love, Travel
No Set Boundaries: Eleven Stories of Life, Travel, Misadventure
No Definite Plans: Eleven Stories of Laughter, Life, Travel


“21st-Century Village: Telemedical Kiosks in Remote India”
Published in Kyoto Journal #68, November 2007

“Showdown at Shinagawa: Bowling for Budget in Tokyo”
Published in Kyoto Journal #66, May 2007

“Chartres: Ecstasy at the Altar”
Published in San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Travel section, January 22, 2006
Online Version at
“Ecstasy” also appears in humor anthology What Color is Your Jockstrap? edited by Jennifer L. Leo, published by Travelers’ Tales

“Starstruck at Cannes”
Published in Film/Tape World, August 2005

“New Zealand: Living a Lie at Mrs. O’Brien’s”
Published in Film/Tape World, October 2004

“Wrecks and Pissers: The Bombay-Pune Road”
Published in Gobshite Quarterly, August 2004
ALSO selected as Editor’s Choice Story,, March 2003

“Singapore: No Worry, Chicken Curry”
Published in Film/Tape World, January 2004

“Tokyo: The Tale of the 33rd Floor”
Published in Film/Tape World, October 2003

“Taiwan: Mr. Wong and the Universal Language”
Published in Film/Tape World, July 2003


“Dog Years” — on aging, loss, and man’s best friend.
Published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Dog’s Life anthology, April 2011

“Present at the Re-creation: Memories of Loma Prieta” — on the World Series Earthquake.
Published in The Berkeley Daily Planet, October 15, 2009

“Paris When It Sizzles” — on reconnecting after the kids are gone.
Published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Empty Nesters anthology, October 2008

“Confessions of a Bicoastal Baseball Fan” — on rooting for two teams, on opposite coasts of San Francisco Bay.
Published in Contra Costa Times, May 21, 2005

“Googling David” — on friendship, mortality, and reconnecting with the past.
Published in Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, January/February 2005
Original-length version

“Barry and the Rally Nuts” — the night Mr. Bonds hit his 600th homer.
Published in Contra Costa Times, May 17, 2003


“Shooting Into the Void” — PBS Science Series Closer to Truth
Published in American Cinematographer Magazine, journal of the American Society of Cinematographers, December 2008
More about American Cinematographer Magazine
More about the PBS TV series

“Polishing the Talking Head: The West Wing Documentary Special”
Published by American Cinematographer Online, journal of the American Society of Cinematographers, March 2003
“Polishing the Talking Head” republished on my blog, with photos

“Shooting from the Hip … and the Shoulder: Operating Handheld Film and Video Cameras”
Published in StudentFilmmakers Magazine, January 2008

“Living in Oblivion: On Creating, Then Destroying Your Original Video Media”
Published in StudentFilmmakers Magazine, February 2008
Online version

“Shooting Abroad: Paperwork, Passports, X-rays, and Excess Baggage”
Published in Release Print Magazine, August 2003

“Here Comes the Sun: Using sunPATH Software”
Published in PHOTO Techniques Magazine, July/August 2004

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