About My First Photo Show

Faces and Places: Albany, Israel, and Beyond!

My first photo show. Read about it below.

I inherited my love of creating images from my dad. He always had cameras and took photos to illustrate his 35 published books on crafts and hobbies and the outdoors. I loved watching him print pictures under a red safelight in the darkroom. I oohed and aahed as images slowly appeared on the photo paper soaking in developer. 

This collection of photographs is a smorgasbord of topics and styles. Faces and places, flowers and plants, a few Jewish ritual objects. And some baseball shots. Because, after all, baseball is life.

You don’t have to go far to find amazing images. Nearly half the pictures come from Northern California. Many originated on dog walks near my home in Albany, especially the shots of spring flowers and greenery. The rest are from thousands of miles away: Israel, China, Holland, Mexico, India, Italy, Ireland, Florida, and Scotland.

I shot quite a few of these 87 photos with my iPhone; a handful with my professional Canon DSLR camera; and many with my favorite travel camera — a Lumix superzoom consumer model with articulated screen.

My work as a cinematographer took me on shoots all around the globe. In retirement, I’m still hunting for images, and I enjoy playing with color, contrast, sharpness and tone. Instagram is my digital muse. I love to give my pictures a look — painterly, flashy, abstract, colorful. 

This is my first photo exhibit, and the presentation is a bit unusual: a square format with 8″ x 8″ photo tiles, arranged in checkerboard clusters by color and subject.


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