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4 comments to Traffic Study—Timelapse with GoPro & 5D

  • Jim

    Bill: I had to tell you how much I enjoyed Traffic Study…always enjoy your work,and am always glad to see you up on my screen.I know I’ve been somewhat silent on this end for awhile,but certain circumstances have kept me that way….I always enjoy what you do,and look in on you all the time

    Love to Suzy,Razzi,Danny and you all……Best Always Jim

  • Hey Jim, Wonderful to hear from you and glad you liked Traffic Study.

  • Nathie Tieman

    This reads like a great article even though I didn’t understand all the technical stuff. I really enjoyed the video as not only did I get a glimpse of you but it was fun to see where the camera went and listen to the great music.

  • Great story, I almost recognize everything that you mention!
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