Good Night, Irene—Confessions of a Mileage Whore

Bronze Certificate, Funny Travel Category, 9th Annual Solas Awards for Travel Writing from Travelers’ Tales, March 2015 It’s not easy being a mileage whore. Sometimes you have to do things that don’t seem to make sense. United Airlines operates a major hub in San Francisco, and I’ve whored for their miles for years now. On my trip to Brazil recently, because I […]

Sky Jockey: Conquering Jetlag

Busy week. Lotsa time in the air:

Last Monday—Fly SFO to Washington-Dulles /
Tuesday—One-day shoot near Dulles airport /
Wednesday—Fly Dulles to SFO /
Thursday—Breathe, pant /
Friday—Scheme, pack /
Saturday—Depart SFO to Paris /
Sunday—Arrive Paris /
Monday—One-day shoot in Paris /
Tuesday—Fly Paris to SFO /
Today—Breathe, pant, blog

Mastering jetlag is the only way I can get through periods like these. It’s an imperfect science at best