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Sky Jockey: Conquering Jetlag

Busy week. Lotsa time in the air:

Last Monday—Fly SFO to Washington/Dulles
TuesdayOne-day shoot near Dulles airport
WednesdayFly Dulles to SFO
ThursdayBreathe, pant
FridayScheme, pack
SaturdayDepart SFO to Paris
SundayArrive Paris
MondayOne-day shoot in Paris
TuesdayFly Paris to SFO
TodayBreathe, pant, blog

Mastering jetlag is the only way I can get through periods like these. It’s an imperfect science at best, but from long experience with many buttburner flights and some bookish research, I am finally prepared to set down:

Uncle Billy’s Rules for Conquering Jetlag

1. Jetlag is caused by the disruption to your sleep cycle from major, swift time zone shifts. From the moment you get on the plane, change your watch to your destination’s time zone and start immediately to acclimate your body to the new time.

2. Stay hydrated. Airplane air is as dry as the Gobi desert. Increase your fluid intake (except for alcohol). Water is best.

3. Make sure your body is as comfortable and your mind as occupied as possible for your flight.

4. Don’t get cocky and give up too soon after your feet are on the ground. Continue to try to adapt to the destination time zone.


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