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Giants Fanfest 2011 Slide Show

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My son Danny and his friend Thomas Todd have started a fan podcast about the World Champion San Francisco Giants (I never get tired of saying that), with associated blog and website. The podcast is called “Two Guys, A Glove, and a Coke Bottle,” (despite their own joke that the name sounds like a gay porno). The podcast is available on iTunes [2], and also on their website at Giantspod.net [3].

Last Saturday the three of us attended the annual Fanfest at the Giants’ home, AT&T Park. The place was packed, over 40,000 people slurping beer and hot dogs, strolling around on the field, waiting on long lines for autographs, trying to catch glimpses of favorite players, and proudly displaying their team colors.

After we wandered all over the park for a couple of hours, the highlight of our day came when we stumbled upon catcher Buster Posey, pitcher Madison Bumgarner, and infielder Pablo Sandoval (the Kung Fu Panda) being interviewed in front of a couple hundred adoring fans on the club level.

I shot quite a few pictures, some of which are on this page. To see the whole slideshow, go to:

Giants Fanfest 2011 Slideshow [4]

Check it out. Go Giants!

All photos Copyright 2011 by Bill Zarchy.

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