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3 comments to Confessions of a Bicoastal Baseball Fan

  • Love it, Bill! I was at the game Monday night at ATT park, first one played there in 2011. Giants won!! It was a great feeling to see the team on the field again, the season about to start. Go Giants! (and A’s).

  • Nathie Tieman

    Another OUTSTANDING article. I loved reliving the names of the players from my NY past. The Yankees (my preteen favorite), the Giants (my favorite in my teens) and the Dodgers whom I pretended to hate but actually had a lot of admiration for. I was so sad when my Giants moved to SF but listed on my portable radio (surreptitiously under my blanket as it was past my bedtime) for the first couple of years. Then it was off to college and all I heard about was football (the beloved Green Bay Packers since I was in Madison, Wisc during the Vince Lombardi and Bart Starr years). To stop dreaming and get back to your article, I loved reading about your dual allegiance to both the Giants and the A’s. It it strange? Definitely. It is acceptable? Of course. I sincerely thank you for the memories that this article evoked.
    One point of order. Since this article was written many years ago, it was acceptable to mention the Mets as “that newby expansion team.” However, in 2011, I would hardly use that phrase to describe them.

  • […] article was also posted here on Bill’s blog. […]