Eerie Times at USP

In Brazil, our story was based in Ribeirao Preto, (pronounced something like “HEE-bay-roan PRAY-toe,” though all Brazilians laughed at our attempts to say it) a city of a half million, three or four hours inland from Sao Paulo. Our final shoot was at the local campus of the Universidade de Sao Paulo. In search of

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Continental Drift

I’m hunkering down at home right now after a three-week trip through Europe and South America to shoot a global corporate medical film. Our route took four of us — and 13 cases of video and audio gear — drifting through the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and Brazil. Plus one day shooting here in the San

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Murse Gone Missing

Sometimes the road home is paved with obstacles. I got out of Glen’s car in front of my hotel after a massive dose of Southern cooking, stretched, admired the alabaster dome of the U.S. Capitol in the distance, and waved goodbye as he drove off. An instant later, my heart sank as I realized I

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The Bus to Maitencillo

Christmas Eve on the other side of the planet, and we had just missed our bus. Raw chicken was thawing in my backpack as we trudged along la Alameda in Santiago’s 85-degree heat, through throngs of late shoppers and sidewalk vendors, from one bus station to another. Susan and I were visiting our son Danny,

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